Salvadoran Lutheran Church Pastors Endowment Fund

The Story...

The work of Bishop Medardo Gómez and the Salvadoran Lutheran Church is known as the work of a church committed to walking with the poor without regard to denominational boundaries. Led by its pastors and with a base of committed lay workers, the Salvadoran Lutheran Church speaks out and stands up against the forces and movements that work to oppress the marginalized people of Salvadoran society.

We who are in solidarity with the Salvadoran people also stand in solidarity with the pastors who are the prophetic and public voices for these people. The pastors of the Salvadoran Lutheran Church are poor workers in a poor church, and receive little or no payment for their work. It is important to note that while a typical salary in El Salvador is MUCH lower than in the US, many food items are priced the same as in the US.

In an effort to support the work of the Salvadoran Lutheran Church pastors and to provide them with encouragement and hope in their mission, the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) has teamed up with the Salvadoran Lutheran Church to establish an Endowment Fund which is exclusively dedicated to provide for Salvadoran Lutheran Church pastoral salaries. The goal is to raise $2 million to be kept as principal for the fund, which will generate enough interst to pay basic salaries to the ordained clergy of the Salvadoran Lutheran Church.

Resources and Information

Check out the variety of printable brochures, donation cards, video promotions and other resources on the Endowment Fund Tools Page.

  • Make checks out to "ELCA Foundation" with "El Salvador Pastor Endowment Fund
    Acct # E270886" written on the memo line and send to:
    ELCA Endowment Fund
    8765 Higgins Rd.
    Chicago, IL 60631

  • Or, call the ELCA Foundation at 800-638-3522 ext. 2970

  • Or, check with your Synod Office for information about how gifts are being routed in your synod