Salvadoran Lutheran Church Endowment Fund Resources

Use these Resources to Raise Funds!

  • Endowment Fund Brochure ~ 4 page (8 1/2" x 11" with one fold ~ explains the purpose of the fund, how it works and how to send the gifts to the ELCA Foundation. Print in full color or print excellent black and white copies by setting your printer to "high quality gray scale".

  • Endowment Fund Brochure with Blank Back (pdf version) ~ same as the above with a blank space on the back which can be modified to include your congregation or synod instructions regarding routing of gifts.

  • Endowment Fund Brochure with Blank Back (Publisher version)

  • Building Hope Donation Card ~ print on white card stock (3 per page) ~ appropriate for inclusion in the Endowment Fund Brochure with or without a pre-printed envelope addressed to the ELCA Foundation ~ ideal for sending out with mailings or for use at an event outside of the Lutheran Church

Older Resources

  • Bulletin Inserts ~ stories written by congregation members whose lives and churches have been transformed by their relationships with the pastors and congregations of the Salvadoran Lutheran Church.

  • $1 Per Lutheran Flyer ~ a small poster you can use to promote the $1 per Lutheran campaign in your church.

  • Giving from our Abundance - Daily Devotions for 2012 - for individual or congregational use from Reformation Sunday through the first week of Advent

  • Endowment Fund Video - Short Version ~ a beautiful 1.5 minute montage of photos set to music which shows the Salvadoran Lutheran Church pastors in action with English captions; perfect for use as a multi-media announcement during worship

  • Endowment Fund Video - Long Version ~ an inspirational 4.5 minute collection of photos set to music with English captions; appropriate for use in education classes or meetings

  • Folleto del Fideicomiso ~ información sobre el fondo de apoyo de los salarios de los pastores de la Iglesia Luterana Salvadoreña (versión de 2009)

Donations to the fund may be made:
  • By routing gifts through your congregation or synod office

  • With a credit card by calling the ELCA Foundation at 800-638-3522 ext. 2970

  • By making a check out to "ELCA Foundation" with "El Salvador Pastor Endowment Fund Acct. #E270886" written on the memo line and mailing it to:
    ELCA Endowment Fund
    8765 W. Higgins Rd.
    Chicago, IL 60631