Trip Planning Resources

Whether you are a delegation coordinator or a participant in a delegation visit to El Salvador, these resources may be helpful to you. Don't forget to check out the Adult Education Resources page to find a variety of important resources for delegations.


  • Misguided Missions ~ an article by Mark Wm. Radecke published in The Christian Century

  • Meeting the Victims ~ an article written by Father Dean Brackley, a professor at the University of Central America in San Salvador. Every person who plans to travel to El Salvador should read this article!

  • Collision is Possible - Crashing and Clashing with New Realities ~ an article from the Welcome Forward resources of the ELCA

  • The Cost of Short Term Missions ~ an article written by Jo Ann Van Engen which can stimulate thoughtful conversation during your preparation meetings. Delegation participants are encouraged to learn as much as they can about the relationship that their church or organization has with the people in El Salvador so that they can see how their short-term visit is a part of sustaining and growing that relationship.