Comunidad Rutilio Grande

The community of Rutilio Grande is named in memory of Father Rutilio Grande who was assasinated in 1977 very near to the location of this community. The 55 families who live in Comunidad Rutilo Grande lived in a refugee camp in Nicaragua during the war. The Greater Milwaukee Synod began to accompany these families in 1990 as they made plans to return to El Salvador. The relationship has grown over the years through many different kinds of connections.

Photo Presentation ~ a power point presentation with slides containing photos of the community of Rutilio Grande, the community school and the secondary school in nearby El Paisnal

Support Education in Comunidad Rutilio Grande ~ information about how you or your congregation can provide students in middle school and high school the opportunity to go to school (2011 for 2012 school year)

Archive Documents which Tell the Story . . .

Rutilio Grande Scholarship Report ~ learn about the students and their achievements in 2010

UCRES 2010 General Assembly Report ~ UCRES is a union of agricultural regions which includes the Greater Milwaukee Synd's Partnership Community, Rutilio Grande. UCRES accompanies the community in environmental advocacy, youth development and more...

The Story of Comunidad Rutilio Grande ~ learn about this sister community to the Greater Milwaukee Synod from its beginning to the present

Commemoration of the 31st Anniversary of the martyrdom of Father Rutilio Grande

Comunidad Rutilio Grande Background Information ~ from an old Greater Milwaukee Synod El Salvador Committee report