Sustainable Development Projects

The Greater Milwaukee Synod and the Salvadoran Lutheran Church have a long history of working together in many areas of sustainable development...

  • Ferias de Bienestar Familiar ~ "Family Wellness Fairs" are jointly coordinated by teams from the Salvadoran Lutheran Church and the Greater Milwaukee Synod. We are currently working together to coordinate fairss in two micro-regions of the Salvadoran Lutheran Church: NORTE, CENTRO-SUR, with a possible third event in the ORIENTE. There are many ways in which to get involved -- from participating as a healer to collecting needed items. Follow the link to download applications and information about current missions, to see photos from previous missions and to learn more about the health ministries of the Salvadoran Lutheran Church.

  • Lucha Contra el Hambre y Pan de Cada Día - Fight Against Hunger and Daily Bread ~ this food security program began with a Greater Milwaukee Synod investment of $30,000 following a synod-wide anti-hunger campaign in 2007, and has grown into a multi-dimensional ministry of organic agricultural education and food security projects at the community and family level. Hands-on training is provided at Fe y Esperanza, the site of the former refugee camp which has been renovated as an agricultural and education center. Agricultural programs are linked to more holsitic programs such as creating a safe place for youth to talk about violence and delinquency, and developing a support and work group for adults dealing with addiction.

    Pan de Cada Día includes a micro-lending project which allows families to support themselves through small business development in agriculture, animal husbandry and the creation and sale of other products. These ministries are supported by reinvested income from the projects themselves, support from sister churches and a grant from Lutheran World Relief. Learn more by following the link.

  • Scholarship Programs ~ Many GMS congregations work with their sister churches to support education in Salvadoran Lutheran Church communities. The GMS Companion Synod Committee has set up some guidelines to help guide congregations as they create and implement scholarship programs. All of the programs include spiritual development opportunities for the youth as well as gatherings and responsibilities for the parents. Although most scholarship programs continue to include individual student sponsorships, communities and their sister churches are increasing the emphasis on community-based technical education and developing practical skills for employment.

  • Contenidor de Esperanza - Container of Hope ~ learn the story of a shipping container which was filled with supplies to help start small business cooperatives and to support education and wellness (2004-2005). The project was coordinated by St. John's ELCA Brookfield for the Greater Milwaukee Synod. (Link takes you to a power point which summarizes the story.)

  • Caravan of Hope ~ learn what happens when a group of guys decide to drive to El Salvador in response to the 2001 earthquakes in El Salvador. (Link takes you to a power point which highlights the Greater Milwaukee Synod's Caravan adventure.)